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Alliance Insurance Brokering understands your Insurance needs. Handling portfolios for Business, Household, Motor, Travel and Not-For-Profit Insurance, you’re in safe hands.

They know not all businesses are the same and that people want different things. This is why they take the time to understand your lifestyle and changing needs, the time to consider and review every policy on an individual basis. They guarantee they most relevant product for you, leaving you with peace of mind that you are being looked after.

With Australia’s hostile and unpredictable climate, Alliance are dedicated to supporting local farmers. Farm Insurance is created to answer the specific needs of farmers, and covers your farm and farm machinery against loss, your motor vehicles and also your home and contents against burglary. Every farm and agricultural business is different, and therefore needs to be insured differently.

Alliance’s policies can be fully tailored to your specific needs and can protect both your personal and business assets.

Cover can include:
-Home and contents -Farm motor vehicles
-Farm machinery -Farm liability
-Livestock – Fencing
-Hay -Loss of income

No matter what risks you chose to insure against for your farm, we can help you select from our competitive insurance options to protect your livelihood in the event the unexpected occurs.


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